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Rocket III

The Rocket project started here! 

My aim was to make something new from some things old. Not just to do what has been done before but to take elements of some of my favourite designs and combine them into something interesting, exciting and new. 


I've combined elements from various 1950s solid body guitars with the aim of retaining a cohesive and functional design. It had to look right and it has to sound right.

The overall aesthetic is heavily influenced by the the Epiphone Wilshire and Crestwood. This was my “launch pad”. The foundation on which I worked. The comfort of the Fullerton designed slab models is hard to beat so I tried not to stray too far from that. Early `50s lower edge contours for seated playing with late `50s contours for comfort.

The Mk II version of the Rocket uses a full width tenon that provides massive contact area which gives unbeatable rigidity and vibration transfer. Both critical elements in making an instrument that both sounds and feels “right”.  


Available with either a  pivoting vibrato or adjustable wraparound bridge and with a range of pickup and aesthetic options.


Please click here for specs and options.

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